This is a new, unprecedented, opportunity for whole families to act in a mentoring capacity and engage with another whole family!

YSM works with families in crisis or who have experienced crisis or are “at risk” and who live with poverty. For this role we seek other families who can turn compassion into action by volunteering to mentor one family! Your family can do this by befriending and modelling positive healthy relationships, choices and lifestyle so a family can realize a better future for themselves.

Mentoring families will help encourage, support, champion and guide their mentee family to reach their full potential in terms of sustainable health and wellbeing by spending quality time together in fun engaging and sometimes meaningful pursuits such as picnics, outings, events, meals, play-time, social service projects, etc.

We seek mentor families with children under the age of 25 in order to better match you with one of our mentee families who also has children. We will attempt to match families whose make-up is similar.

We seek coupled families and single-parent families for these family mentoring roles. YSM Family Services is also currently working closely with Afro Centric families who experience particular unique challenges and are in crisis. We encourage families of diverse backgrounds and cultures to apply.

Your whole family will meet with your matched family about once or twice a month in person to engage different sorts of healthy, fun, safe, engaging activity that allows for mutual interaction. Your family will be in contact with mentee family through phone calls and emails in-between meetings – to connect and chat and/or set up times to meet, and confirm meeting times and places.

Our mentor families must have sufficient income to easily meet the basic needs of their whole family unit and will be expected to commit for a minimum of 8 months to this life changing role. Full training for the whole family is offered.

Timing is flexible – when it works for each family to meet up, you will!


If interested please fill-in and submit the form below. One of our Volunteer Resources Coordinators will get back to you as soon as possible.