Mentors for Post-Secondary Youth

We are looking for energetic, mature, professional mentors for our youth starting their post-secondary journey

Our youth mentee participants are part of our Student Awards Program. A program that helps youth reach their hopes and dreams!

The mentors we seek are mature, positive, professional, motivational, committed people, 24+ years old or at least possessing more life and work experience, and education, than the youth you would be mentoring.

In order to provide the best match for our students, we ask for mentors who have been down the post-secondary journey themselves and possess a post-secondary degree or diploma.

We match students with mentors of the same gender identity and at the moment we are seeking those who identify as male.

One-on-one mentors positively encourage, challenge, and support their matched youth’s growth and maturity through their post-secondary schooling and beyond. Mentors can help provide a listening ear, be a support or guide in stressful challenging times, connect youth to invaluable networks where youth can learn better study habits, get the academic support they require, explore job or career options, realize aspirations, hopes and dreams, and help them to navigate the world of post-secondary schooling.

Qualifications of mentors sought include: boundless positivity, excellent listeners, great role models, people who are wise, trustworthy, flexible, connected, and possess: perseverance, initiative, and excellent problem solving skills.

In addition, we seek mentors who will know to not give advice but instead will appreciate the value of sharing their own experiences and empowering and allowing for the youth to come up with their own ideas and solutions as they work through things like personal challenges, peer concerns, stress, competing academic and/or life demands, financial issues, goal setting and employment/career discernment.

Mentors need to be open to people of all walks of life, experience and orientation. We ask all of our mentors to commit a minimum of one year to this role. In that year, mentors are required to commit a minimum of 6 hours a month and maintain weekly contact with their matched youth to develop a supportive and encouraging relationship throughout the relationship.

Full training and ongoing support are provided. Hours are flexible.

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