Student Placements

Are you interested in completing your student placement with us? We are seeking students looking to complete their placement with us in the Summer, Fall or Winter terms.

For YSM, a practicum can provide an opportunity to assist in the professional development of students and meet the needs of community members with whom we work. Student placements further our ministry and mission of educating and preparing professionals who will be well-equipped to serve those living with poverty. Placements are an exciting opportunity for YSM to expand our program capacity while providing an invaluable learning opportunity to qualified students.

YSM is committed to providing students with the opportunity to gain first-hand experience in community-based work. YSM hopes to provide students with access to opportunities they may not have otherwise.

We receive many inquiries from students seeking placements. Most placements at YSM involve some front-line work and direct contact with community members; thus, it is important to ensure that students are sufficiently well-equipped to meet those needs.

The Volunteer Resources Department will approve all student placements before they begin with YSM. If you are interested in doing your placement with us, please fill out the contact form below and include details about your placement in the last box below.



If interested please fill-in and submit the form below. One of our Volunteer Resources Coordinators will get back to you as soon as possible.