Changing lives

Together we can end poverty in Toronto in one generation.

Devon’s Story

“When I got out of jail two years ago I saw my daughter for the first time. I knew I was ready to do anything I could to change my life. I went through the Connecting Youth to Work program at YSM Evergreen. If you’re willing, YSM is right there with everything you need at the right time. People often tell me I’m good with my hands. I did work at YSM and then they connected me to a plumbing contractor. Now I’m in my second year of plumbers’ apprenticeship program. I have a place to live and a job and I’m good at it. My boss doesn’t seem to have any doubts about me working on some pretty big jobs. He trusts me to do the work – that’s a good feeling. I have to succeed. I want it for me, and I want to be part of my daughter’s life.”

Change begins and ends with people.  YSM’s motivation as always been about helping people in need to move out of poverty and realize their full potential for 3 focus populations:

  1. People experiencing Chronic Poverty (more than one generation)
  2. Street Youth (ages 16- 24)
  3. Families in Need (Single parents and New Canadians)

To rise out of poverty, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health is essential.

The right supports must also be in place – such as secure housing, education, employment and childcare.  We use our holistic RISE model of care (Respond, Invite, Support, Engage) and customize it for each focus population and their unique needs.

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Other action

For YSM, ending chronic poverty in Toronto can only be achieved by intentional and coordinated action at three levels. Learn more about the other levels:

Changing lives

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Building communities

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Transforming Toronto

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