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Family Support Services

Family Support Services strengthens of the family unit by providing an array of programs and services that meet the everyday needs such as:

Care Management

Providing ongoing personalized support for the whole family to address their concerns and encourage the pursuit of individual as well collective goals. Families must have dependent(s) under 25 years old, under their care and living at home.

Program supports/referrals:


Supporting families through the early years of their children’s life.  We are a provincially licensed child care centre providing both full fee and subsidized care.  Subsidy is available through the city of Toronto Children’s Services.  Learn more about child care fee subsidy.  Contact us for more information or a copy of our parent handbook.

Program care:


One Mom recently told us: “What you are doing here at the computer lab is vital, because it will help our children to be successful at school and in life”.


Child: “I never knew it was fun to learn until I came here!”


Student: “Educational Supports has really helped in my transition to university because it makes a difference when the tutor builds a relationship and caters to my learning style!”


Single Mom: “It is so encouraging to know that I have support and somewhere to turn to.  I feel at peace and leave with hope when I come to your office”.