Stories of Change


When I first came to Canada, I didn’t go out of my apartment for seven years. I was afraid and ashamed because I couldn’t speak English very well. A friend told me Yonge Street Mission would give new toys for my children at the Christmas Toy Market. I didn’t believe her but I came and it was true!

Since then, I’ve come here almost every day. I’ve taken ESL, computer and parenting classes. For a while I led the yoga class twice a week. Right now I’m volunteering in the childcare every week and I’m on the Advisory Council for the Women & Family programs. I also earned a little money from being in the catering group and that really helped me a lot. I have four children and sometimes I just can’t afford winter boots and coats. People at YSM have really, really helped me.

I like the fact that women of all cultures and religions come here and are friends. It’s important for me and my children because Canada is a multi-cultural country. We all need to talk and try to understand each