The State of Homelessness

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Poverty hurts in so many ways. It hurts the child who goes to school hungry because rent has eaten up most of the family budget. It hurts the senior who struggles to pay for medications, and the teen living on the streets because he has left an abusive home but has no marketable skills to support himself.

And because it hurts them, it hurts us all.

The facts are bleak. Recent statistics from the city of Toronto* show there are more than 600,000 low-income people in Toronto. Of those people, 43% of those 15 and over are employed.

Almost one third of city children 14 and under come from low income families. And while the income needed to afford a one-bedroom apartment in this city is $38,000, more than half of single parents earn less than that, cutting into the budget for food and other essentials. Single parents, visible minorities and people new to Canada are among the most likely to fall into the low income category.

The waiting list for social housing in Toronto is almost as long as the number of units that exist currently, which means it can take years for people to access subsidized housing.

The estimated number of homeless people in the city is believed to exceed 5,000. For thousands of people in this city, food bank and rent bank use is a fact of life.
Poverty hurts. But you can help.

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