Brad’s story

Recently released from jail, Brad was living in a car.  He first came to YSM for emergency food assistance and learned there were regular hot meals provided several times a week.  When he came to YSM Christian Community Centre for the meals, he found an accepting attitude and people interested in him and his life.  As he learned more, he began receiving counseling from YSM on how deal with low self-esteem and anger issues.  Brad began to hope for change when YSM Housing Services helped him to get into a shelter and later, standard housing.  He received support getting his General Education Diploma, dealing with legal issues and learned key life skills.  Today Brad is employed and says, “YSM staff showed me they were on my side.  They worked hard for me when I was ready to take the next step.  I really didn’t think my life could change to this level.”

Chronic Poverty

Adults who live with chronic poverty struggle with multiple disadvantages:

These issues, individually or combined create barriers to a more productive and fulfilled life.  People are trapped by what they don’t know, by social skills that create distance and by systems that make progress difficult and rob people of hope.

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on social assistance more than one generation.



Toronto’s income inequality growth rate vs. national average.



of Toronto live in low income neighbourhoods.

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