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Post-Secondary Mentor

Do you want to create a meaningful and long-lasting impact on youth living with poverty? 

We invite you to be a mentor for youth entering post-secondary education. 


As a mentor, you will be mentoring youth who are part of YSM, most of who live with poverty. These youth mentees are very talented and have had significant achievements in their lives. Mentees are carefully selected to receive the student awards grant from YSM to help fund their post-secondary education. 

Your role is to build a trusting, empathetic, and mutual relationship with a mentee and provide discernment as your mentee navigate the complex and uncharted yet exciting world of university/college. You as a mentor will model healthy behaviour and interactions as your mentee adopts adult values and enters the world of adulthood. 


We are seeking mentors who will empower and allow the youth to come up with their own solutions and ideas as they work through things like personal challenges, peer concerns, stress, competing academic and/or life demands, financial issues, goal setting, and career discernment.

If you are a successful candidate to be a mentor, you will be matched with one mentee and you are expected to meet with your mentee at least twice a week for one year. 


We are currently seeking committed individuals who are at least 24 years old,  come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, are mature, positive, professional, and motivational. To provide the best match for our students, we are seeking mentors who have been down the post-secondary journey themselves and possess a post-secondary degree or diploma


Thank you for your interest in becoming a mentor. As of this moment, we have enough mentors who identify as female. We are currently looking for mentors who identify as male to mentor male post-secondary mentees.  

Please fill out the form below to know more about the mentoring program 

YSM's COVID-19 Response

YSM has entered phase one of our re-opening plan.

Our modified services include increased services via phone, video calling or screened on-site services by appointment with enhanced safety protocols.

Please see our COVID-19 response page for ongoing service updates (food, counselling, etc.) and how you can help.