HOPE: Helping Offenders on Probation Excel

What is HOPE?

H.O.P.E is a program tailored to seek solutions to offending youths’ individual needs. It assists street-involved youth, age 16-29, specifically with the following:

  • Mental Health Counselling
  • Community Work Service 
  • Fines & Restitution 
  • Life Skills Training 
  • Anger Management
  • Substance Use Support
  • Men of HOPE
  • Women of HOPE

The H.O.P.E program was cultivated as a response to the increased need of incarcerated youth. Namely, it was not only designed to address the incarceration rates of youth, but to effectively provide them with an alternative to crime by exploring: diverse channels of engagement, creating diversion opportunities through community involvement, and identifying both the unique barriers all youth face while simultaneously providing them with the tools and resources for effective and wholesome rehabilitation and reintegration.

Connect with us

For program partnerships, please contact

Cristal Hines, Care Manager Supervisor – email chines@ysm.ca

T – 416 929 9614 x 2276    C – 416 616 0796

For referral and intake, please contact

Peter Nojd, H.O.P.E Care Manager – email pnojd@ysm.ca

T – 416 929 9614    C – 647 283 3712

HOPE youth pose for a group photo at the Coldest Night of the Year walk

HOPE’s Mission

Support rehabilitation and reintegration by promoting community involvement and connecting youth on probation with training and employment resources.

Our Vision

Give youth a reason not to re-offend by helping them set achievable goals.


Intake Process:

  1. Complete an application by connecting with Pete Nojd, H.O.P.E Care Manager Specialist at pnojd@ysm.ca, or by phone 647 283 3712.
  2. Meet with case workers to create a plan of action. Once a youth has met with their case worker, they will work together to determine appropriate program(s) and establish a timeline and program clarification requirements. Pete Nojdpnojd@ysm.ca
HOPE process flow chart

Rehabilitation & Reintegration

Our parenting programs include “Nobody’s Perfect”, a free program for parents and caregivers with children 6 years and under. In this program, we discuss and explore children’s growth, learning and on-going developmental needs, understanding child behaviour, promoting children’s health and safety, and how to cope and build sustainable self-care practices to work through parental stress.

We offer various mentorship programs and opportunities both directly and indirectly. Through programs such as HOOPS4HOPE, in which we connect youth and individuals in law enforcement through sports and activities that promote positive relationships. Likewise, our Man2Man program provides an opportunity for male caregivers to share the experiences with fatherhood, life struggles, relationships and communication. 

Our employment services provide youth with the opportunity to refine and develop strong skill-sets to increase their employability and successfully attain jobs. There are a variety of diverse programs within our employment services that help youth who have criminal records transition into the workforce. Programs available to HOPE clients include but are not limited to: Next step program, Youth Job Connection, Starbucks Barista Placement, Connecting youth to work, etc. to name a few.

Learn more about YSM’s employment services here.

To support successful reintegration, we connect youth to our housing workers who work diligently and carefully to identify suitable and sustainable housing arrangements for our youth. Likewise, we provide educational housing supports like “Housing 101” which teaches youth the fundamentals of home ownership and the steps they must take to successfully attain financial autonomy.

Learn more about YSM’s housing supports here.

We provide programs such as ARTSPACE, where youth are encouraged to tap into their artistic potential and stimulate their creativity through a variety of means such as painting, rap, dance, cooking, etc.

We provide youth transferable life skills through a variety of unique programming to meet the diverse needs of youth in HOPE. Namely, we offer our creative cooking class, whereby youth learn about food preparation, budget shopping and basic cooking skills to promote independence.

As well as, Mothers of HOPE, whereby we provide mothers with the skills, tools and personal development to effectively take care for their children and promote healthy life choices that keep their families united, to name a few.

These are programs designed to directly engage our youth with the community whilst meeting particular court-related requirements.

Some of these programs include Community Service Hours where offenders perform community service to fulfill a condition of a court order or restitution to society by volunteering. This includes Drop-In Meal services whereby youth serve free meals to the street involved youth.

Additionally, we offer Community Outreach Services where youth reach out to the homeless living on the streets of Toronto, one evening per week. Finally, youth participate in Donation Intake where they are sorting and laundering donated clothing items and organizing them for distribution.

HOPE clients have access to professional mental health counselling services. These counselling services provided tailored support to individual clients through 1:1 counselling sessions with a service provider who is well-equipped to help our youth through their various mental health challenges. 

Learn more about YSM’s Mental Health Counselling services here.

In various ways we promote positive development and individual spiritual well-being. This includes offering group, or one-on-one, interactions which address positive thinking, motivational, and spiritual dialogues. As well as providing them the tools and resources to support their spiritual journey.

HOPE anger management is facilitated by a professional counsellor; certificate provided. In these sessions, HOPE clients are provided with tangible techniques and practices to better self-regulate their emotions. Likewise, clients are encouraged to engage with psychoeducational materials provided by the instructors. This program runs for 6 weeks at a time.

Learn more about YSM’s Mental Health Counselling Services here.

HOPE clients have access to a full range of health services that include: dental, physiotherapist, orthodontist etc. 

Learn more about the YSM Evergreen Health Centre here.

The HOPE Alcohol group is facilitated by a professional substance use counselor. Offered both in person and virtual, these weekly interactive sessions provide HOPE clients with tangible techniques and practices to better self-regulate substance use. Through being surrounded by like-minded individuals who are all working towards decreasing use, and creating personal recovery plans. This group focuses on finding ways to process and deal with drug and alcohol use though providing youth with coping skills. Clients are encouraged to engage with harm reduction material and conversations prompted by the instructor(s).

• Health Care Services: HOPE

Men of Hope is a group for men aged 16-29 and is focused primarily around self-investment in all facets of life. Our HOPE is that these young men will learn more about themselves, the system, and learn to own their future.

Clients of the HOPE program are provided with diverse capacity-building opportunities to further assist them in navigating personal challenges, overcoming systemic barriers and reducing recidivism. The woman of hope interactive weekly support group is an opportunity for youth to develop positive peer support, ignite their passions and learn about community resources.

What We’ve Done

Read about our HOPE Graduation Ceremony in Fall 2020 with guest speakers from the Toronto community, including Mayor Tory.

HOPE Graduates pose with their certificates while wearing face masks-fall 2020
Group photo at a HOPE graduation
HOPE staff and participant
Group photo of HOPE participants and police officers at a friendly basketball game
Group of youth at a trampoline outing
HOPE participants at Coldest Night of the Year walk
Youth HOPE participant looking confident on a boat
HOPE Staff with Mayor Tory