Volunteer preparing a meal at the Davis Centre

What’s your 6IX?

GIVE 6IX is a “do-what-you-can, wherever-you-are” movement to inspire everyone in our city to take action and  make a difference. GIVE 6IX invites you to do or give 6 things (any 6 things!) to help someone struggling in Toronto, “the Six”. 

Ways to Give

There are many ways to give to YSM, from monthly donations, to hosting an event or food drive, and much more!


With YSM, there are volunteer opportunities for every talent and timetable. If you’d like to help, we’d like to have you!

Group Engagement

We invite you to be part of our solution! At YSM we are doing everything we can to end the cycle of poverty for our neighbours in need.

Community Engagement

There are many ways your group can get involved with YSM’s life-changing work and our more than 100 programs and services for street-involved youth, families in need and adults experiencing chronic poverty.

Clothing for sale in Double Take

Double Take Thrift Store

Shopping or donating to Double Take supports YSM’s community by offering employment and training helping neighbours gain work experience. Double Take also provides clothing to our community members through our voucher program.

Host an Event

Help Yonge Street Mission improve the lives of street-involved youth, families in need and adults experiencing poverty, by undertaking your own fundraising event.

A tree with brilliant red leave standing in a forest at sunset.

The Grace & Goodness Trust

In celebration of our former CEO, Rick Tobias’s legacy, we invite you to consider the ways in which your experiences with Rick and YSM have woven goodness into your life. In remembering those threads, we ask you to consider making a gift or pledge in his memory today.