Phillip Fearon, VP Operations at YSM
VP, Operations

Phillip joined YSM in the summer of 2018 and has implemented YSM’s HR technology platform while advancing all areas of YSM HR practice. As well, Phillip has developed a new YSM department, our first Project Management Office. Phillip also provides strategic direction to YSM Finance, Information Services & Technology, Reception & Administration and Property Service departments.

Before joining YSM, Phillip spent 10 years as a senior leader for a global technology firm, followed by 12 years in the charitable sector. First, becoming the CEO of a private Christian school. Next by work as a senior consultant to the Board of Directors of a charity in Malvern. Phillip also launched a non-profit dedicated to providing second career supports for mature students and served in an executive role for a non-profit security firm dedicated to providing meaningful work for veterans. Phillip has served as a board member in the non-profit sector and serves as an Elder at his church while pursuing a Masters of Divinity at Tyndale Seminary.