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A Belief in Legacy Giving

At YSM we remain focused on serving the Toronto community while also working to secure and advance our programs and their impact for the decades ahead. As such, we’re working to keep strengthening both our present and future financial footings.

Legacy gifts – especially bequests made in the Wills of our kind donors – are a key way for us to do so, with the help of donors like you. Typically, legacy gifts are made via a bequest in one’s Will and, when designated to benefit YSM, are aimed to ensure our important work, programs, and services will carry on into the future.

Theresa Cromwell-Simmonds, YSM’s Manager of Shared Administrative Services, updated her Will a few years ago and included a legacy gift to YSM.

Theresa, who has been on staff for 14 years, wanted her Will to demonstrate her values, while also ensuring poverty and justice issues will continue to be addressed.

“I know YSM will continue to work towards a positive impact that will work in practical ways, and I want to be a part of that,” said Theresa. “I’m hoping my legacy gift will inspire [my family] with a renewed desire to give as their legacy when they pass on.”

YSM is grateful to committed supporters like Theresa who remember our work in their legacy plans.

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