Neighbours Helping Neighbours, in the City we Love

Introducing GIVE 6IX . . .

During a time when we’re all apart and feeling isolated, imagine thousands of Torontonians joining in solidarity to end poverty. What could that look like? Would you join in?

At YSM we believe the only thing stopping us from doing just that is simply getting out there and DOING IT! It will start small, with each of us doing something, one thing, anything, to positively impact someone’s day, situation, or even their life . . .

Don’t know where to start? Read on!

YSM is introducing GIVE 6IX, a “do-what-you-can, wherever-you-are” movement to inspire everyone in our city to take action and grow our collective potential to make a difference.

It’s easy. GIVE 6IX invites you to do or give 6 things (any 6 things!) in order to help someone struggling in Toronto, “the Six”, right now.  You might feel your actions are small, but as more people GIVE 6IX –  once everyone gets involved – the impact will grow. That’s when real impactful change happens. That’s how a movement begins.

Join with us to GIVE 6IX to the Six. We’re here to help you.


Both are equally important and both will go a long way in helping transform lives in our city.



Regardless of whether you GIVE 6IX through YSM or on your own, we ask that you share what you’re doing on your social channels. It’s our hope that we mobilize everyone in our city. If we all pitch in we’re confident we can truly help transform the lives of so many in need.

Why not get creative?

We’re offering some suggestions below to get your juices flowing – our GIVE 6IX categories list different possibilities to make a difference in the lives of people in need. But don’t feel limited – you can do anything that appeals to you, to make a difference.


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Give Financially:

Give 60 cents a day

Give 6 dollars a month

Give 60 dollars 6 times in 2021

Give 6 hours’ wages

Give 6 friends a call and ask them to donate to YSM with you

DONATE and GIVE your 6IX today!

Give Items:

Give 6 pounds of potatoes

Give 60 diapers

Give 6 cell phones or SIM cards to programs supporting street-involved youth, like our HOPE program, so they can apply for jobs, housing and more. Contact Eleanor Edwards at or 647 466 1865 for more information.

Click here for to find YSM’s wishlist.

Read 6 articles to learn about poverty in Toronto – start with our GIVE 6IX article Bystanders No More

Read Toronto Foundation’s Fallout Report or Toronto’s Vital Signs for key insights and stats about poverty in Toronto.

Research 6 social service agencies working to alleviate poverty in your area or community. 

Learn about YSM’s plan to eradicate chronic poverty in Toronto in one generation

Have a conversation with 6 people experiencing homelessness, poverty or food insecurity

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Give 6 hours at a food bank

Give 6 youth advice on their resumes 

Give 6 practice job interviews

Give 6 drives or curbside grocery pick ups for a neighbour

View current YSM volunteering opportunities, or check out Volunteer Toronto for volunteering opportunities across the city, to see if there’s a GIVE 6IX opportunity for you!

Promote GIVE 6IX to your employer, service club, faith group or book club

Carry small items such as granola bars, bottles of water, socks, gloves or gift cards to share with those who are struggling

Have phone numbers accessible and offer to call them on behalf of those in need in Toronto:

Encourage your company to partner with an employment service agency, like YSM, to offer interviews to those who are underemployed or seeking employment

Contact your city councillor about an issue impacting those living in poverty. Voice your support for:

  • Access to public transportation
  • Affordable / rent geared to income housing
  • The need for more subsidized daycare spots

Host a GIVE 6IX-athon, to raise funds by walking, golfing, crafting – or doing whatever you love! 

Create a GIVE 6IX fundraising or donation drive, to help us gather needed goods, supplies or donations

Organize a virtual event in support of YSM’s GIVE 6IX initiative. To register your activity click here.

Contact YSM’s Community Engagement Specialist, Eleanor Edwards at or 647 466 1865 to discuss your GIVE 6IX options and ideas!

Share your GIVE 6IX experience on social media, using our main hashtag #GIVE6IX (and additionally #What’sYour6ix #6ixForThe6)

Repost YSM social media content 6 times, to help us spread the word:

Use our GIVE 6IX social media kit to make your own posts on social media.

Invite 6 friends to learn about and participate in our GIVE 6IX initiative

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Why 6IX?

Group of volunteers at Evergreen

YSM has been serving and supporting Torontonians for 125 years, but much work  remains to be done. To acknowledge our milestone anniversary, we’re looking to widen our impact in Toronto, “the Six”, by launching an entirely new way to give, get involved and engage others to help neighbours struggling with poverty.

GIVE 6IX is an opportunity to give in a uniquely Toronto way throughout our city and beyond. It’s an invitation for neighbours to help neighbours, and to increase the community of support in the city we love in real, tangible and meaningful ways.

Participate with your friends, family, the co-workers you’re not able to see in person these days . . . give or do 6IX of anything you wish and support neighbours in your community.


“Never doubt that a small group

of thoughtful, committed citizens

can change the world.

Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

– Margaret Mead


So, what’s your 6IX?


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