Give 6IX fundraising for food bank donations in Toronto

Who they are may surprise you . . . they represent people you know.

350 visitors come to YSM’s Food Bank every weekday, seeking much-needed groceries and relief. In just three months, from January to March 2023, YSM saw a 45% increase in new visitors to our Food Bank, compared to the prior three months. 

Who are these visitors seeking the most basic help to survive? They are those all around us . . . 

  • Liz, the single mother who cheerfully cashes you out at the store 
  • Lacey, the young woman who rides your same train 
  • Andrew, who meticulously painted your garage 
  • Nancy, your extra helpful former colleague
  • Juan, the kind caregiver at your child’s daycare 
  • Robert, the hardworking caterer who supplied your last event

In June 2023, YSM invited you to GIVE 6IX, and donate to help us raise $60,000, at a time when food insecurity and need are at an all-time high in Toronto, ‘the Six’. Gifts were matched, to DOUBLE in IMPACT. Thanks to your generosity, YSM was able to exceed our goal by more than $5,000! 

  • $5.90 – cost of a single meal
  • $23.60 – a meal for a family of 4
  • $41.30 – feed a struggling community member for a whole week
  • $177.00 – sustain a neighbour in need for an entire month
  • $660.80 – generously feed a family of 4, for a whole month 

YSM’s Food Bank is used by many community members . . . who may include your neighbour, or those who help you in the course of a day – you know them.

Food insecurity can happen to anyone, whether because of rising costs, inflation, underemployment, high rent, layoffs, illness, an accident or many other reasons.


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