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Azan – “YSM has been a life-saver…”

“YSM is a life-saver for me. I wish that I had met them sooner. YSM is making a big difference in my life and the lives of my children.”

For nearly two years, Azan* had been struggling to navigate systems he knew little about, in hopes of being reunited with his two young daughters, “I miss them so much. No one should be away from their children.”

Without a legal background, Azan was doing the best he could – restrictions, limitations, allegations, were new words to him. Azan, never missed an appointment or visit, or the chance to bring home-cooked meals for his children to have throughout the week, and give toys or small gifts to them whenever he could.

At one of his visits, Azan met another parent who told him about the help she’d received from YSM’s Cornerstone staff who work with families who are involved with Children’s Aid Society (CAS).

Azan reached out to YSM and was immediately excited by how the staff responded to him, “I was treated as an equal.”

Because of your support, YSM staff have been able to help Azan by accompanying him to appointments and visits with his children. This support has helped Azan feel safe and made his visits with his children more relaxed. Instead of feeling nervous or unsure, Azan and his daughters are able to play hide and seek and enjoy their time together.

YSM is continuing to support Azan as he finishes up his trial. Azan has been found not-guilty, the allegations against him revealed to be false, and he has high hopes that very soon he will be able to spend weekends with his daughters again.

*Name changed to protect privacy.