Regent’s Tank


YSM is launching an exciting event that will culminate in small local-community business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs, presenting a formal pitch showcasing their business plans, to receive a micro-grant valued between $1000 and $2000. 

We are now seeking interested individuals with backgrounds in business (law, finance, accounting, marketing, etc.) to volunteer their time as coaches to provide guidance and support to these entrepreneurs in their early stages of business development. This is a unique approach to develop presentation skills, business plans, receive coaching and finally input from a panel and receive micro-grants. 

For more information on coaching, please click the link below:

Additionally, for more information on participants, please click on the Invitation for potential participants. 

Other Ways to Support

Do you have other existing commitments? Then, we invite you to join in our fundraising effort. The Claus Lenk Fund for Community Development and Entrepreneurship at YSM is supporting this event. A target of $20,000 has been set to support local entrepreneurs. Will you help in investing in the businesses and futures of hardworking people trying to gain a foothold in their community and in their own financial future? Does this resonate with you as a way to help entrepreneurs out of poverty? We invite you to make a gift to the Micro-Grant Pool.

This will make a meaningful impact in the early stages of business development for 10 to 15 local entrepreneurs.

For more information and donation, please visit the Claus Lenk Fund website.