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GIVE 6IX logo over Connecting the Dots Foundation supporting their community

Our Growing GIVE 6IX movement

Pictured above: Connecting the Dots Foundation, Nigeria, participating in GIVE 6IX

GIVE 6IX is a city-wide, “do-what-you-can, wherever-you-are”, invitation for everyone to do 6 of anything to help neighbours experiencing poverty. Here is just a sampling of the amazing actions we’ve been witnessing after launching our GIVE 6IX movement to mark YSM’s 125th anniversary . . .

Volunteer Toronto was an early adopter of the GIVE 6IX movement, inviting their community and followers to join in volunteering for the betterment of our city. From joining the COVID-19 Response Team to thanking volunteers in your life, Volunteer Toronto provided an inspiring 6 ways to get involved. Learn more on their landing page at

Wes Hall, from CBC’s Dragons’ Den, responded to a challenge from Ben Mulroney, co-anchor of Your Morning, and offered 6 one-on-one mentorship sessions to YSM community members. Wes also passed on the challenge and invited 6 of his contacts to meaningfully engage in GIVE 6IX themselves.

Wes Hall, from CBC’s Dragons’ Den, announcing his GIVE 6IX on social media

family giving 6 meals to YSM

Don Saynor and his kids giving 6IX spaghetti dinners

Don Saynor, aka Basic Dad online, of The Jack Russell Agency – a creative partner of YSM, Gave 6IX with his kids. Together they gathered ingredients for 6 spaghetti dinners and delivered them to YSM’s Food Bank. Thanks to Don’s family, 6 families in our community were able to enjoy a fun, healthy meal together.

GIVE 6IX even went international! Connecting the Dots Foundation, which focuses on supporting, equipping and developing young leaders, started multiple GIVE 6IX actions in Nigeria. Their 6IX initiatives included volunteering and giving out supplies at a local orphanage, supplying hygiene items to young women and giving soap to those who need it.

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Join us! Together we can make lasting change for those experiencing poverty. Learn more about GIVE 6IX at