The Grace & Goodness Trust

Rick Tobias has left an indelible mark on our city and in the lives of so many people impacted by his leadership, spirit and throughout his life and years of service.

Rick’s heart for the poor and marginalized, together with his ability to passionately inspire and motivate action, set him apart and helped YSM evolve into an agency poised for growth and greater impact within our city.

To pay tribute to Rick, we invite you to consider the ways in which your experiences with Rick have woven goodness into your life. And, in remembering those threads, we ask you to consider making a gift or pledge in his memory today.

Grace & Goodness Trust: A gift or pledge in memory of Rick Tobias

“No matter what kind of mess somebody is in, they deserve a seat at the table where a

little bit of grace and goodness can be served to anybody who walks in the door.”

– Linford Detweiler, Over the Rhine

There are three ways for you to join us in honouring Rick’s legacy:

Support The Grace and Goodness Trust with a legacy (future) gift

The Grace and Goodness Trust will ensure YSM – with your help – is able to continue to serve our Toronto neighbours in need, for as long as we are needed.

Invest in The Grace and Goodness Trust today

Make a one-time investment or annual pledge to support YSM’s priority annual needs, in perpetuity.

Make a tribute gift today, in memory of Rick

Your tribute gift today in memory of Rick, will help YSM to address its immediate, highest priority needs.

As the cost of living in Toronto increases, so too does the need for YSM’s services and support for those experiencing poverty, injustice and inequity. 

Leaving The Grace and Goodness Trust a legacy gift as a long-term investment, or kindly making a one-time gift to YSM’s immediate needs today are both effective means to help YSM continue to change lives, build communities and transform Toronto.

How might you plan to leave a legacy through The Grace and Goodness Trust?

  • Include a simple clause in your Will specifying either a residual portion or a percentage of your estate, or a specified cash gift amount as a bequest to YSM.
  • Make a gift of securities, either today or as a deferred gift in your Will.
  • Designate Registered Retirement Funds which name The Yonge Street Mission as the beneficiary.
  • Donate a life insurance policy in which The Yonge Street Mission is named as the beneficiary.

Thank you for your kind consideration.

To learn more, or discuss giving options, please call Angela Solomos at 416 355 3549, email her at or fill out this form and Angela will be in touch; she is available to facilitate your gift.

No matter how you decide to offer your support, please let Angela know, as we’ll let Rick’s family know of your thoughtful investment in YSM and its future.

The forms linked to above will allow you to leave a personal message in honour of Rick.