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Wooden cabinet open

Commemorating 125 years of service, community and collaboration

2021 marks YSM’s 125th anniversary of serving in our city.

To commemorate this special and memorable occasion, we used wood salvaged from the beams of YSM’s former site on Yonge Street to make a one of a kind time capsule to represent our work for future staff, volunteers, Board members and visitors.

To do so we partnered with Sheridan College’s Furniture School students, who led a staff workshop and brainstorming session to describe YSM’s work and culture. They then used the input to design and create a special time capsule.

Staff and Board Members carefully considered and produced items to go into the finished capsule, a special cabinet with cross sectional blocks of the salvaged wood prominently showcased on its doors.

At an outdoor and socially distanced celebration in September, Board members and staff shared what their department or group chose to include in the time capsule and why. Together we curated a one of a kind representation of what it’s like to serve at YSM in 2021.

Sheridan students also surprised staff with individual mementos made from YSM’s salvaged wood, for all to have a piece of YSM history and milestone anniversary souvenir!

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For our 125th anniversary we’re inviting the city of Toronto to GIVE 6IX to “the Six” in any way, from anywhere, to help change the lives of neighbours struggling with poverty . . .

What’s your 6IX? Learn more and get inspired at