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Camp is for Making Friends

Over the past months, we have all experienced physical separation from our friends and communities. As summer ramped up and YSM summer camps began this year, with new precautions and procedures, kids were excited to see old friends and make new ones.

New to YSM’s Computer Lab day camp, Lucy* is quiet by nature. When she arrived on her first day, she passed right through the Computer Lab to sit by herself in the far corner, waiting for the other kids to settle in. As the other children arrived for a fun day together, our camp staff grew concerned Lucy would feel alone through the week. Of the 7 other campers, all were either family members or already good friends.

A few moments later, camp counsellors witnessed a special ’COVID moment’ as one of the other girls joined Lucy in the corner, leaned over her desk, made eye contact and gave a friendly wave. Lucy waved back. Though their faces were covered in masks, it was evident from their eyes they were smiling.

No matter the circumstances, camp is about making friends! Thank you, your support makes special moments and memories like this one possible for kids like Lucy.

*Name changed to protect privacy.