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Computer Literacy Centre Celebrates Graduating Class of 2022

The spring and summer season tend to bring many moments of celebrations and fun to YSM! This year is no different as our Computer Literacy Centre celebrated 58 graduating students, ranging in age from kindergarten to grade 11.

Their special celebration was held in our YSM Davis Centre gymnasium, where students were able to gather, pose for pictures and be recognized for their accomplishments in completing courses. As we do with each graduating class, high school graduates were awarded brand new Dell laptops while all other grades were awarded new Chromebook laptops.

And what is a graduating class without a valedictorian? As future digital leaders, three amazing valedictorians gave speeches sharing some of their favourite memories during the term and wise parting words to fellow graduates:

“One of my favourite parts of the introductory class was the “my dream job” project, which is when I learned how to use PowerPoint. My instructor, Yeasmin, was one of my top instructors because she’s fun, nice and has funny stories about her family. The volunteer, Anreeya, was nice and if somebody needed help she was there for them. Now to the introductory ‘Tech World’ and high school classes, I wish you all luck in the future. Whether you’re still at Yonge Street Mission or not, I hope your future is as bright as you are.” – Veronica, grade 4-5 introductory class valedictorian

“The ‘Tech World’ class provided my fellow classmates and I with many learning opportunities and skills. Ramli, our instructor, introduced us to new and engaging topics each week, such as different Google apps like Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. The ‘Tech World’ class taught us how to use an app to its fullest extent, and it also allowed us to gain experience on our own.

I hope that whichever endeavour you may find interesting in the future, it will bring you prosperity and happiness. And, of course, a personal message to my teacher, Ramli, and volunteer, Harsha: as I am considering Computer Science as my field of work in the future, being in the ‘Tech World’ Class has been especially rewarding and very meaningful to me. I want to thank you for being able to do this for all the aspiring students present today, we all appreciate you.” – Tenzin, grade 6-8 ‘Tech World’ valedictorian

And finally, listen to Arishan, high school level 1 computer class valedictorian, address his graduating class with his special virtual speech.

We congratulate all the talented and committed Computer Literacy Centre graduates from this term! We can’t wait to see how the tech world will be shaped by these future leaders, thanks to the ongoing generous support of donors like you.

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