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YSM staff Andrew on a porch

Managing YSM’s Health Centre Expansion

In 2018 YSM opened Phase 1 of our purpose-built Evergreen Centre for street-involved youth on Spadina Avenue. Now, in 2021, we’re excited to get started on Phase 2 and complete our Evergreen Health Centre expansion. The completed space will dramatically increase our range of services, reduce wait times and extend operating hours, as well as provide vital medical equipment, all to enable us to better serve more youth who visit Evergreen seeking care and treatment.

After his “retirement” from his position as YSM’s Manager of Property & Transportation, Andrew has taken on the huge role of managing the Health Care Centre expansion construction project. “I was at YSM when we finished Phase 1 of Evergreen. After I retired, I really just liked the people, it’s so admirable that so many dedicate their career and lives to help other people. I found it very humbling.”

Andrew’s new role involves liaising between Evergreen’s Health Care staff Architect, Engineers and contractors to bring the project to life and ensure all elements of the new Health Centre will be exactly as needed to best serve youth.

“This is the fourth project like this I’ve worked on. The Evergreen Health Centre team know exactly what they want and that makes it really smooth going for myself and the architect.”

rendering of YSM's expanded health centre

The floor plans have been completed and approved and the team is now selecting other elements for the space such as wall colour, flooring and light fixtures. The next step is to bring in a structural engineer and prepare the tender. The Health Centre expansion poses a unique challenge as it requires measures to ensure health and safety for those who work and receive services. Each of the 11 clinical rooms will have their own sink equipped with sanitary systems, dedicated electrical system, HVAC system and air exhaust as per the Ontario Building Code.

“I really love construction and it’s a great opportunity to build a Health Centre – not many people get to do that. It’s a win-win; work with great people and know the end product will touch so many lives in the community that most need these services.”

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By donating to charities like YSM you can provide vital services like health and dental care to your struggling neighbours.

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