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Meet our Community Member Trevor

For many years *Trevor led a fairly modest life. He had an evolving career in film and television, a close-knit group of friends, and enjoyed several hobbies including building and painting military models.

When the pandemic arrived and prevented him from working and socializing with friends, Trevor’s mental health began to deteriorate. Unable to make a proper living, he was eventually evicted from his home.

So many stressful changes in a short period caused Trevor to be hospitalized for mental health challenges early in 2021. His assigned social support worker told him the hospital would only release him after he had secured housing. Fortunately his support worker was able to connect Trevor to a housing program nearby.

Soon afterwards, Trevor’s housing support worker connected him to Yonge Street Mission. After an initial meeting with YSM’s Care Management Specialist Peter, Trevor was paired with a registered therapist and granted access to YSM’s Food Bank. On his first visit, Trevor was pleasantly surprised by his experience:  “Everyone is just so full of kindness,” said Trevor. “I’m not really used to that.”

Trevor has been regularly attending classes for the past year through YSM’s Bridges programming for adults, including trauma healing and anger management courses. Finding a community of warm, like-minded people has helped him significantly with his outlook.

“I myself would not believe the good that is happening here — not just for myself, but for everyone involved,” said Trevor. “It is a real resource. It’s not like a lot of places that I’ve seen, where they’ll promise the world and don’t help. In all this time, I think about 90% of the beneficial help I’ve ever received has come from YSM.”

*Name and photo changed to respect the privacy of the community member.

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