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Not Alone

“I love learning new things!” said Moreen*, who’s in the process of learning both French and Spanish. She goes on to talk about her passion for volunteering, specifically serving meals or lending a hand in distributing groceries among community members. Moreen’s enthusiasm is contagious and, with the assistance of YSM’s Mental Health Counselling services, she looks forward to achieving her educational and personal goals.

Growing up in Regent Park, Moreen was familiar with YSM. As an adult, when she needed support with her mental health, Moreen returned for counselling. “COVID has affected me mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually and financially. YSM helped me navigate through COVID by providing counselling services.

“I’ve overcome many obstacles as a result of my counselling. I feel empowered with the decisions I make day-to-day and for my future. I never took mental health seriously until now. Getting professional input, talking to someone has made me realize I’m not alone. Everyone has a story to tell. Without YSM, I feel I would continue on the same path – not making wise choices for myself, family, work, school and other things. Counselling has widened my perspective and increased my appreciation of myself.”

Moreen plans to complete her Business Certificate and work abroad helping people. She’d like to travel to as many places as possible before settling down with a family. “YSM is a beautiful organization that provides many services to the community. It’s a great privilege to have them in my neighbourhood.”

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*Name and photo changed to protect privacy

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For our 125th anniversary we’re inviting the city of Toronto to GIVE 6IX to ‘the Six” in any way, from anywhere, to help change the lives of neighbours struggling with poverty . . . 

  • Give $60 so community members like Moreen can find the support they need to thrive
  • Give 6 bags of groceries to a food bank to remove the stress of affording healthy food for struggling community members
  • The possibilities are endless!

What’s your 6IX? Learn more and get inspired at