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YSM staff hold a box of donations from Project Northern Lights

Community in action: Project Northern Lights

Project Northern Lights  is a grassroots network stretching across Canada. Organized at the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdown, the group aims to develop and deliver open-source, community-based solutions to struggling Canadian communities.

Their group includes volunteer makers, sewers, students, developers, artists, farmers, engineers, and health care professionals who came together with the knowledge that front-line workers in all fields needed supplies and support to protect themselves and their communities from the Corona Virus.

Project Northern Lights’ most active project has been procurement, production, and distribution of personal protective equipment (PPE). They have delivered over 30,000 items over 5 provinces, including more than 350 items to YSM.

“During the first wave [of COVID-19], we saw cases rising in inner Toronto and several outbreaks at large shelters and community clinics,” said Nikita, who works as the project’s PPE Team Lead, “Through data provided by the City of Toronto, we identified YSM may be in need and we decided to reach out, assess needs and learn how we could leverage our community to support them.

“YSM serves a large population of street-involved youth, low income families, socially isolated adult with a diversity of active programs that haven’t slowed since the start of the pandemic. Knowing we can help keep the amazing people providing these services and their client populations stay safe has been incredibly gratifying for us at Project Northern Lights.”

Project Northern Lights hopes to continue their partnership with YSM as the virus’ second wave impacts Toronto, and encourage others to look for opportunities to show their support as well.

“If you’re able, please consider supporting YSM, Project Northern Lights or other local organizations providing support during this time. As a second wave threatens Canada, coinciding with the potential of an extremely harsh winter, protecting those who are housing and resource-insecure remains our top priority at Project Northern Lights.”

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