YSM Impact Stories Meet a valuable new member of YSM’s staff family!

Meet CATM’s Assistant Pastor Jonathan Tysick

Despite being early in his career, YSM’s newest member of our Church at the Mission (CATM) Pastoral Care team, Jonathan Tysick has accumulated a wealth of lived experience beyond that of many who may be twice his age.

Married with two young children, Jonathan has earned a Master of Theological Studies. He previously lived in Cape Town, South Africa where he worked at a local Discipleship Training School.

His time in Cape Town proved to be particularly formative as it was “the first time he saw real poverty” and was deeply impacted by witnessing the stark contrast between the 14 percent of the population who are wealthy and live very comfortably, compared to the vast majority – 64 percent – who are instead poverty-ridden, a fact which according to Jonathan “really messed with [his] brain.”

After moving to Toronto, he began to realize the wealth gap in his new city wasn’t so different from that in Cape Town, just seen on a smaller scale. It
compelled him to work to help those experiencing poverty in our city.

Working at a Salvation Army men’s shelter, Jonathan evolved his pastoral skills by listening and attending to people’s needs and ultimately providing support and care. “Coming to YSM has been a nice bridge from working in the shelter system, to working with urban poverty in a Christian environment,” Jonathan shared.

Currently, Jonathan is focused on expanding the children and youth ministry of YSM’s CATM but also aims over time to welcome more families into YSM’s church services.

Reflecting on almost a full year with YSM, Jonathan says he is grateful to be a part of a spiritually-enriched organization. “I think it’s incredibly important that we’re a Christian faith-based rganization. Whether praying with a community member seeking spiritual support, or worshipping together via staff devotions, our biblical foundations matter.”