Angie Peters, President & CEO at YSM
President & CEO

After 16 years as a senior executive in Telecommunications, Angie moved into the social profit sector to support initiatives investing in people and working towards the end of poverty. Prior to joining YSM, Angie founded and led ZOE Alliance Inc., a for-profit social enterprise that equipped and empowered village-based businesses in developing nations for sustainable growth. Building on her own experience of growing up on social assistance, Angie was driven by a desire to align her career with her passion to advocate for vulnerable people. She joined the team at YSM in 2013 as President and CEO, and has since set the organization on a path toward realizing the end of chronic poverty in Toronto in one generation. She currently leads a team of 140 staff, over 3500 volunteers in working alongside multiple strategic partners who share her goal and vision for the city of Toronto. Angie participates in several key collaborative initiatives working to advance systems change in Toronto while working on her master’s degree in leadership. In her free time, she enjoys travelling, the outdoors, and attending live theatre with her husband and two adult children.